The 10X Effect: 15 Minutes with Billionaire Grant Cardone Completely Transformed My Business

A short conversation with the CEO of CardoneCapital, international speaker, entrepreneur, and author of The 10X Rule completely changed the trajectory of Dennice Johnson’s Dallas-based business. Here are her three biggest takeaways.

Grant Cardone is the mecca of entrepreneurs. He ranks among the greatest in business and has 10X’d the lives of some of the top entrepreneurs in the world. His events are magnetic and impactful—attracting the likes of Hollywood celebs such as Tyrese Gibson (The Fast and the Furious), GRAMMY award-winning performer Pitbull, and many other notables, along with millionaire hopefuls from around the world. Grant Cardone truly embodies the American Dream.

But what is 15 minutes really like with the star of Discovery TV’s Undercover Billionaire? Does Grant’s 10X approach really work? Can he really change the life of a small business owner—and do it all for free? Well, you’re about to find out.

I am the Owner and Founder of Hyphen—a premier concierge service for individuals who are in need of relocation services, specifically NBA and NFL players. When some of your favorite athletes find themselves in the midst of a trade mid-season, Hyphen comes to the rescue with relocation services ranging from selling their homes, shipping their cars and moving their household goods and families seamlessly, while they continue to play. After years of working with dozens of teams and hundreds of players and staff, I found myself wanting to expand. As it is with any entrepreneur, the thought of scaling my business was both perplexing and frightening, and I just didn’t know where to start. 

After absorbing Grant Cardone’s book 10X Rule, I was left with this euphoric feeling of invincibility and tenacity. He talked about leaving fear behind and just making the call (to whoever and for whatever it is that you needed). For me, it was calling the man himself. Why not? So with a sense of urgency and a new adrenaline rush, I did just that. While the first call was unsuccessful, his assistant told me that I would hear from her soon. Less than 24 hours later, the phone rang and I was told Mr. Cardone himself wanted to speak with me.

For 15 minutes I had the pleasure of speaking with the 10X creator, and the conversation was a game changer (no pun intended) for my business. 

Three key takeaways he discussed were:

1. Set Your Goals Every Morning Aiming Higher Than High

Every morning Grant takes out his yellow legal pad, and sets his goals. Some are pretty outlandish but he advises to set goals that are hard for you to conceptualize, so that you can aim to improve and achieve.

For example, I was asked what my financial goal was for Hyphen and I said $5 million. It seemed pretty attainable and I know just how many clients we would need to service to make that happen. I was met with laughter and then told to write down $100 million. This number has gotten me out of bed everyday since because it has me striving for a goal that is higher than high.

2. Always Stay Two Steps Ahead of Your Industry’s Trends

Grant discussed how he is constantly evolving with the times, the fluctuating market and staying two steps ahead of the trends. Part of this advantage is in investing and educating oneself continuously and becoming obsessed at becoming proficient in your career or industry. 

For example, I quickly identified areas that needed strengthening for me personally and professionally and began working on these immediately. English is my second language, so there are many things that are barriers yet I make an effort to understand them. I dived deeper into learning website building, accounting, sales and more, whether via online or through books proved pivotal as I aimed to take my business to the next level. Per Grant’s advice, I unapologetically make it a point to invest in myself.

3. Ride the Entrepreneurship Rollercoaster, Build Your Stamina and Stay Resilient

Grant is candidly open regarding his prior drug addiction, how he made something out of nothing and his rollercoaster ride to billionaire status. Despite it all, he says to ride the rollercoaster out. Entrepreneurship will take you through exhilarating highs where you feel like you have made it, to disheartening lows, making you question why you even started. However, it will all pan out if you conceptualize that this is a marathon and not a sprint. Only the resilient ones with stamina will survive.

Working through the key takeaways and more, The Undercover Billionaire managed to completely dismantle my company during our 15 minute conversation, all the while simultaneously rebuilding it for its ultimate success.

He revised Hyphen’s marketing strategy, identified our true target demographic given our new financial goals that we set, new pricing structures based off of those goals and our overall approach, such as dropping the new app in May 2021 that many NBA teams are awaiting. While on speakerphone, Grant also walked me through the research he was doing on his end to help Hyphen. And although riddled with constructive criticism, my overall encounter with him was truly one of a kind and something that I will always place in the highest of regards.

Grant’s parting words to me were, “Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story.” As I considered whether to spread the good news, these words rang true. Hyphen’s newfound trajectory to success will make others wonder how it all happened. Whether it’s Grant Cardone, the 10X Rule or any other seminar or class, invest and believe in yourselves and your business. Stop selling yourself short, coasting in autopilot or letting the fear of success keep you stagnant. Get after it and make the call! Live up to your potential, give it all you’ve got, and when it’s said and done, share your transformation. You are the product of grit, growth and determination. Now go make your story known.

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Dennice Johnson is the Owner and Founder of Hyphen, a premier concierge service for individuals who are in need of relocation services, specifically NBA and NFL players.