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Change of Venue: SMU Guildhall Planning Move Away From Plano

Posted by Heather Noel

Southern Methodist University’s graduate program for game design is planning to relocate from Plano to the main Dallas campus by 2020.

The forthcoming move comes as the university has put its Plano campus on the market. Though days are numbered, …

Imaginuity Connects University Park Residents Via Amazon Alexa

Posted by Amy Wolff Sorter

If you live in University Park and have Alexa, Amazon’s conversational information technology, you can do more than just order groceries, request music, or set a timer for baking.

In July, Dallas-based digital marketing firm Imaginuity announced it had launched

Uber Debuts New App, Delivery Service in Dallas

Posted by Lance Murray

Uber on Tuesday announced that it has expanded it UberEATS business to a new, standalone app that will make food delivery even easier in Dallas.

It’s the first time Uber has launched a separate app outside the ability to request …