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Historic IP Decision: The Future of ‘Immoral,’ ‘Scandalous’ and ‘Disparaging’ Trademarks

Posted by Kathryn Allen and Adam Rehm

Polsinelli_University of Texas at Dallas_ Dallas Innovates is a Silver Founding SponsorThe U.S. Supreme Court recently made a decision that will likely have wide-ranging impact on the field of trademarks and open up protection for trademarks that may have been traditionally viewed as culturally or socially insensitive or disparaging. 

In a …

Will Computers Replace Programmers?

Posted by Romelia Flores

It is February 14, 2011, and I’m at the Dallas Magnolia Theater with clients anxiously watching IBM’s Watson computer playing Jeopardy against the game’s all-time leading human champions. The audience is filled with amazement and skepticism. We’re all wondering, “Will …