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As Cars Become ‘Supercomputers on Wheels,’ VicOne Partners with TomTom To Safeguard Them

by | May 8, 2023
By combining VicOne's xCarbon ECU intrusion detection and prevention systems with the TomTom Digital Cockpit, the new partnership aims to help ensure that vehicle infotainment systems packed with more and more apps remain secure from cyberattacks.
Irving’s VicOne Expands DFI Partnership on Cybersecurity for Connected Cars and Smart Cities
by | Mar 31, 2023
VicOne—an Irving-based provider of automotive cybersecurity solutions—wants to make it safer to share data in "vehicle-to-everything environments." To help do that, it's expanding its partnership with Taiwan's DFI, a global provider of embedded motherboards and industrial computers. See how their "advanced embedded" solutions could lead to fully interconnected transportation with smart cities environments.
Trend Micro Acquires Security Operations Center Tech Provider Anlyz
by | Feb 23, 2023
Trend Micro says its acquisition of the Delaware-based company will extend its orchestration, automation, and integration capabilities. It will also enable enterprises and Managed Security Service Providers to improve operational efficiencies, cost effectiveness, and security outcomes.
The Last Word: Brian Gorenc on Trend Micro’s Connected Vehicle Event Coming to Tokyo in 2024
Japan-based cybersecurity provider Trend Micro has its U.S. headquarters is in Irving. One way the company fights overall cyber threats: the Trend Micro Zero Day Initiative's Pwn2Own bug bounty competition, which for 17 years has rewarded security researchers for privately disclosing vulnerabilities. Today, recognizing the growing threat to the world's connected vehicle ecosystem, Trend Micro announced a standalone competition—Pwn2Own Automotive—to take place in January 2024 at Automotive World Tokyo.

Global Cybersecurity Firm Eyes ‘Rapid’ Growth from New Irving HQ

by | Jun 8, 2022
Taiwan’s TXOne Networks, which focuses on operational technology networks and devices, is opening an Americas HQ in the Urban Towers complex in Las Colinas. “We've assembled an experienced team with the unique expertise to help companies counter the cyberthreats that could paralyze day-to-day operations," its CEO says.
‘Not Cool, Dude’: Trend Micro’s Factory Honeypot Found Real Solutions to Cyber Attacks
by | Feb 28, 2020
Researchers with the Irving cybersecurity firm spoofed a small industrial firm and its staff to uncover and respond to cyber threats, and it worked. They even went so far as to create an exasperated manager, who told the hackers they were "so not cool dude."
Partha Panda Cysiv CEO and Co-founder
Trend Micro Spin-Out Cysiv Gets $26M to Scale Its Cloud-based Cybersecurity Platform
by | Feb 11, 2020
The Series A funding will help the Security Operations Center-as-a-Service provider address the challenges enterprises currently face in protecting their data.
Follow the Money: Eyevance Raises $30M, Sanara MedTech Gets $10M, Tyler Technologies Makes Acquisition
by | Oct 31, 2019
In this weekly roundup of funding, merger, and acquisition activity, you'll also find news from teleCalm, Crestline Investors, Powerhouse, Trend Micro, and more.

Trend Micro’s IoT Joint Venture Offers a New Approach to Tackling Weaknesses in Cybersecurity

by | Apr 8, 2019
Trend Micro, an IT security company with U.S. headquarters in Irving, has partnered with Moxa to launch TXOne Networks. The joint venture will focus on security needs present in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) environments, including smart manufacturing, smart cities, smart energy, and more.
Follow the Money: ReCode Nets $1M, Monarc Gets $700K, PanOptis Makes Exit
by | Feb 14, 2019
You’ll also find news about Kanarys, Trend Forward Capital, Pegasus Resources, TPG Capital, SWK Holdings Corp., Lone Star Funds, and U.S. Renal Care in this roundup of investment, merger, and acquisition activity involving investors and businesses with ties to North Texas.
Trend Micro’s Venture Capital Arm Plans Startup Event in Dallas
by | Feb 8, 2019
On the heels of its CES Forward Thinker Award, the Irving-based cybersecurity company says it's looking for promising technology startups in North Texas.
Where ‘Big D’ Stands for Digital
by | Jan 17, 2018
Dallas’ economy is powered by app and software development.
Abstract Concept of Cash Flow... Represented by Dollar Signs that Appear in Motion Moving Up On a Soft Money Green Gradient Background

Trend Micro Launches $100M Venture Fund

by | Jun 28, 2017
The Japanese company, which has a regional office in Irving, said it will focus on opportunities primarily in the Internet of Things arena.