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Nonprofit JUST invests in female entrepreneurs

Dallas Bound: Nonprofit JUST Makes Investments to Female Entrepreneurs Based on Trust

by | Oct 15, 2019
JUST backs local female entrepreneurs with no credit scores or required collateral. Its first location outside of Austin is in collaboration with numerous North Texas partners: JPMorgan Chase Foundation, The Craig and Kathryn Hall Foundation’s Bridging the Gap program, the United Way Social Innovation Accelerator, and more.
Collective Impact: ‘Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming.’
Roundtable | Our panel talks about what we can do better, right now. In the final installment of the latest Dallas Innovates roundtable series, we look at systemic issues that still need to be addressed, and the areas ripe for innovation. The discussion closes with a look into the future.
Collective Impact:
Making Dallas-Fort Worth a Hub for Social Innovation
What makes North Texas a place—or a potential place—for social innovation? In part two of our roundtable series, eight experts discuss how Dallas-Fort Worth may be a unique breeding ground for social good, what attracts (and keeps) talent in the nonprofit sector, and more.
Collective Impact: Social Innovation in Dallas-Fort Worth
ROUNDTABLE | In this three-part series, a panel of experts explores Dallas-Fort Worth as a destination for global impact work.

Part one kicks off with eight thought leaders who explore what social innovation looks like from their unique perspectives — nonprofit, corporate, and startup — and how that is impacting the region.