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Ones to Watch

Posted by Jeff Bounds

Research and development play a starring role in the innovation landscape. Here are five folks hard at work helping to take Dallas-Fort Worth—and beyond—into the future.

Thomas Bamonte
Senior program manager, automated vehicles, North Central Texas Council of Governments’ transportation

High-Minded Discoveries

Posted by Jeff Bounds

When an old high school football injury started nagging, Ted Price created an ointment to rub on his aching Achilles tendon.

Using natural ingredients found in wintergreen plants and grape leaves, the concoction eased his chronic pain in a new …

SMU Researchers: Usain Bolt’s Gait is Asymmetrical

Posted by Lance Murray

When it comes to running, nobody does it faster than Usain Bolt, the eight-time Olympic champion and triple world record holder.

The lanky Jamaican sprinter is known for his explosive acceleration down the track and the famous images of him …