Bell to Collaborate with French Company Safran on Air Taxi

by | Jun 20, 2018
The companies will work on developing hybrid electric propulsion solutions for the vertical take-off and landing concept aircraft.
Humphreys and Partners HPA Hero Mega Skyport
Humphreys & Partners Shows Its Uber Elevate Skyport Vision
by | May 11, 2018
In a series of architecture plans, renderings, and ideas, HPA offered its vision for the design of the UberAIR skyport platform that will be the launch and landing sites for the air taxi service.
mobility innovation zone
BOKA Powell Releases Its Design for Futuristic Uber Skyport
by | May 10, 2018
The Dallas architecture firm is one of several that will offer designs for the skyports that could be the landing bases for the aircraft, which Uber said will fly, possibly as early as 2020.