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TI Is Celebrating ‘Jack Kilby Day’ Tuesday to Honor Invention of Integrated Circuit

by | Sep 11, 2023
Jack Kilby's groundbreaking invention laid the foundation for modern electronics, and its impact affects nearly every aspect of our lives. His innovation can be found in nearly every piece of electronics we use today—from smartphones to computers, televisions, and even our cars and home appliances.
The Last Word: Anna Mayor Nate Pike on the Region’s Northward Growth
by | Aug 18, 2023
Dallas-Fort Worth has been growing northward for generations. But momentum kicked up a notch when two big semiconductor wafer fabrication plant projects were slated for Sherman: a $30 billion plan by Texas Instruments to build four "fab" plants, and GlobiTech's planned $5 billion silicon wafer facility. Together, the projects are expected to bring 4,500 jobs to the area.
TI Breaks Ground on New Semiconductor Wafer Plants in Sherman with Potential $30B Investment
by | May 18, 2022
Texas Instruments' 300-mm semiconductor wafer fabrication plants to be built in Sherman mark the largest private sector economic development project in Texas history. The potential investment of $30 billion could create up to 3,000 jobs over time, the company says.