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In DFW, Population and Job Growth are Fueling the Nation’s Hottest Multifamily Market

by | Apr 4, 2022

DFW has become the epicenter of growth in North America, Danny Baker says. “We’re in the middle of a population boom that has led to DFW outperforming other markets in terms of job creation and growth as well as the demand for all types of CRE,” says Baker, who helms CBRE’s DFW multifamily capital markets team....

Something like eBay for residential real estate: Trelly off market real estate launch dallas.
Dallas-Based Trelly Launches Real Estate Platform to Buy and Sell Off-Market Residential Investment Properties
by | Nov 1, 2021
The online marketplace—a "B2B version of the MLS"—lets single-family real estate investors buy and sell distressed, investable real estate. But the deals are exclusive, the company says. Entrepreneur and residential real estate expert Josh DeShong is launching in a sweet spot that's focused on saving time, money, and energy for investors.
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