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Jacobs Kaleidoscope - urban planning tool

Smart Solution: Jacobs Launches Cloud‑Based App to Help Maximize Infrastructure Planning

by | Aug 4, 2021
Running on any device from iPad to Mac or PC, the "spatially enabled" solution from Dallas-based Jacobs is a predictive analytics app that helps communities assess their infrastructure vulnerabilities. Beyond cities and municipalities, it's a smart tool that can help campuses, military installations, and others pave the way to building resilient, cost-efficient infrastructure.
Predictive Analytics Enlisted to Fight Child Maltreatment
by | Apr 20, 2017
Researchers say the analytical technique could pinpoint neighborhoods — down to the block — where abuse may be most likely.
Site selection
Modern Magic: How Data is Changing Site Selection
by | Jul 27, 2016
Real Estate + Innovation | Predictive analytics have become indispensable in site selection.