Dallas-Based ~Pourri ‘Flips That Funk’ With New Music Video Brand Campaign

by | Sep 29, 2022
~Pourri founder and CEO Suzy Batiz spent years trying to mash up the idea of "funky smells" with funk music. Then she stumbled on a video by the dance group Ghetto Funk Collective on social media. "One month later we were filming with an incredible crew and the Ghetto Funk Collective in Amsterdam," Batiz told Dallas Innovates. "It was a dream come true." Check out the campaign's first two spots—and see how it all came together.
Dropping the Poo: Poo~Pourri Rebrands as ~Pourri, Now Tackles Odors Everywhere
by | Jan 19, 2022
The company has sold over 100 million bottles of Poo~Pourri—its "before-you-go" odor-eliminating toilet spray—since its launch in 2007. Now it's expanding its line to tackle odors everywhere: for homes, cars, cats, dogs, shoes, even (phew!) men.