Dallas Design Firm Huitt-Zollars Expands Public Works Capabilities in Phoenix with Gavan & Barker Acquisition

by | Jun 8, 2023

Dallas-based employee-owned, full-service design firm Huitt-Zollars, Inc. continued the expansion of its public works practice in Phoenix, Arizona, with the addition of Gavan & Barker, a Phoenix-based design group with expertise in civil engineering and landscape architecture.

“The addition of Gavan & Barker expands Huitt-Zollars’ footprint in the Phoenix area and increases our visibility in the public works market,” Huitt-Zollars President Robert McDermott said in a statement....

‘The Future of the Office is Flex’: WorkSuites Makes its First Expansion Outside of Texas
by | May 24, 2022
Dallas-based WorkSuites is opening two new coworking facilities in the Atlanta area, added to the 21 locations it now operates in North Texas and metro Houston. Founder and CEO Flip Howard says more locations are coming in the Atlanta region, and WorkSuites is looking for locations in Phoenix, too. “Everybody knows that the future of office is flex,” he told Dallas Innovates. “Every (location) that we've opened has filled up faster than they used to.”
Gregslist software companies
Ex-Infusionsoft, Scaling Point Exec Manages Extensive DFW Software Company List
by | Nov 1, 2019
From major companies like Sabre to startups such as Kanarys, Greg Head is working to keep track of DFW's ever-expanding list of software companies.

Dallas’ Callbox Storage Expands Its Logistics Services

by | May 4, 2018
While the on-demand storage company is growing geographically, it also is expanding its reach within the larger logistics space.