Patrick Jacobs

Dallas’ Ylang 23 Partners with Immerss for Livestreamed Jewelry Shopping, Digital ‘Clienteling’

Ylang 23—a designer jewelry store in Preston Center that's served Dallas for 35 years—has partnered with the Dallas-based live-commerce company Immerss to bridge the gap between in-person and online shopping. By using the latest tech from Immerss, Ylang 23 aims to provide customers with a more personalized and intimate shopping experience—from live-streamed trunk shows to personal presentations and more.
Dallas Startup Immerss Aims To Be the ‘Go-To Solution’ for Live E-Commerce
by | Sep 1, 2022
Working with San Antonio-based bootmaker Lucchese, Immerss delivered a use case that gave the brand a real kick, with a live e-commerce shopping experience that moved the majority of Lucchese sales to direct-to-consumer. That turned the bootmaker from client to investor through a $1.1 million seeding check. Now Immerss is looking to raise millions more to become the "go-to solution" for live e-commerce. Co-founder Patrick Jacobs told Dallas Innovates an early meeting with Lucchese's president led to a "lightbulb moment"—one that set Immerss on an innovative new path.