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Lewisville’s Overhead Door, Innovator of the Modern Garage Door and Garage Door Opener, Celebrates 100th Birthday

by | Aug 17, 2021
This throwback look at Dallas-area innovation icon Overhead Door Brand shows two of its breakthrough products since 1921. Today, the company just keeps on innovating. Its garage doors can now be operated from the other side of the world with a smartphone—luckily for you, if you forget to close your door before your next vacation.
Won-Door was acquired by Overhead Door Corporation in 2021.
Dallas-based Overhead Door Corp. Buys Innovative Market Leader of Fire and Security Doors
by | Apr 1, 2021
Overhead Door Corporation, which invented the first "upward-acting door" in 1921 and the first electric garage door opener in 1925, is carrying on its long history of pioneering with the acquisition of Won-Door Corporation this week.