Dallas’ NFT-Powered Streaming Pioneer Rad Gets More Funding in Follow-On Round

by | Dec 4, 2023
Rad is blazing a trail in the Web3 world—collaborating with industry giants like Google, Sony, Disney, Viacom, and NBCUniversal and making blockchain technology effortlessly accessible for creators and viewers alike. With its strategic integration with HandCash, Rad is redefining digital transactions, streamlining payments in the world of apps, games, and online content.
DeFy Tickets Taps Industry Veteran as It Expands Blockchain Platform, Entertainment Partnerships
by | Aug 11, 2023
Mike Rogers, with two decades in global ticketing, joins the blockchain ticketing platform as it looks to expand strategic partnerships in the U.S. entertainment sphere.
Fort Worth Founders Launch Platform to Tie Concert Tickets to NFTs
by | Mar 16, 2022
Led by co-founders of Fort Worth's annual Fortress Festival, DeFy Tickets contracts with event organizers to offer smart concert tickets sold as NFTs. The blockchain-based tickets provide greater security, can prevent scalping, and enable "augmented experiences and engagement" between fans and artists, the co-founders say.
North Texas Video Game Developer Worldspark Studios Lands $3M for Metaverse Platform
by | Feb 28, 2022
The blockchain gaming studio's first title is Edenbrawl, a tech fantasy-style online multiplayer battle game. Within the game, players will be able to purchase and trade NFTs tied to things like character skins and weapons skins.