Ameriflight Makes Aviation History With FAA Approval for Large-Scale Drone Delivery Service in the U.S.

by | May 31, 2023
Dallas-based Ameriflight plans to operate the Matternet M2 drone for commercial delivery—focusing on health care and e-commerce deliveries to customers in dense urban and suburban environments across the country. The approval will enable what Ameriflight calls "the first fully operational, large-scale drone operation in the United States."
Dallas-Based Ameriflight Plans to Buy 35 Autonomous Air Cargo Drones With ‘Record-Breaking’ Payload Capacity
by | Feb 16, 2023
Ameriflight—the nation's largest Part 135 Cargo airline—announced signing a letter of intent to purchase 35 VTOL air cargo drones from California's Sabrewing Aircraft Company. Just last month, Ameriflight signed with Natilus on the purchase of 20 autonomous Kona aircraft, which can carry payloads up to 3.8 tons without a crew.