Mike Finley

L.A. to North Texas: Boingo Wireless Opens New HQ at The Star in Frisco

by | Nov 10, 2023
In yet another HQ move from California to North Texas, connectivity innovator Boingo Wireless has opened its new 15K-SF headquarters at The Star in Frisco. "Texas is a thriving tech hub," CEO Mike Finley said, "and we look forward to doing business here alongside our partners and customers.”
LA-Based Tech Startup Boingo to Plant Its HQ in Frisco, Creating 247 Jobs and $1.48M in Capital Investment
by | Dec 20, 2022
The connectivity innovator brings wireless solutions to iconic venues and enterprises globally, such as Grand Central Terminal, Hollywood Bowl, London Heathrow Airport, World Trade Center Oculus, and U.S. Homeland Security.

Boingo's move to Texas—and its new office at The Star in Frisco—supports the "company’s vision and our ability to attract and retain top talent," says Boingo CEO Mike Finley.