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Exclusive: Spacee, the Dallas-Based Computer Vision and AR Startup, Adds Former Best Buy CEO to Its Advisory Board

Bringing 36 years of experience from his Best Buy days, Brad Anderson isn't just joining Spacee's advisory board. He's also investing in the startup—which aims to transform retail businesses with its HoverTouch interactive experiences, while helping industries track inventories with its Deming shelf-mounted robots. "I was attracted to the company’s learners and adapters," Anderson tells Dallas Innovates. "They're a team of people that when you have a problem, they are unencumbered in their ability to innovate to solve the problem."
Medicine on Wheels: DPC Healthcare Launches Texas’ First Primary Care Mobile Clinic
by | Jul 2, 2019
DPC Healthcare—the first membership-based, direct primary care practice in Dallas-Fort Worth—aims to improve the health and wellness of the workforce by bringing the clinic to you.
Smart Home
HGTV Builds Innovative Smart Home in Roanoke Ahead of Giveaway
by | Apr 2, 2019
This 3,400-square-foot location is more than just your average home—it's outfitted with the latest in consumer technology, from digital lighting control to a golf simulator to a robotic lawnmower.
What Do You Want to Drive? DFW Dealers Create Auto Subscription Programs
by | Jul 31, 2018
The popularity of subscription technology is growing as dealers’ margins on used car sales tighten, and consumers see longer loan terms, rising interest rates, and bigger monthly payments for vehicles

Meet the Addison Startup Helping Wal‑Mart, Mercedes Transform Shopping

by | Jun 28, 2017
Spacee's technology is a deviceless mixed reality using projectors, motion sensing cameras, and cloud computing to digitally impose an experience on top of real world items.