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Berkshire Biomedical Wants To Transform Virtual Patient Care through Novel Medication-Administering Device

by | Nov 24, 2020
The Dallas-based startup's tech is set to prevent medication non-adherence, which accounts for avoidable healthcare spending in the range of $100 to $300 billion.
Q+A: HollerDoc Wants to ‘Put Health Care Back into the Patients’ Hands’
by | Feb 16, 2018
Nick Qureshi and co-founder Emad Siddiqui created the HollerDoc app to take advantage of the telemedicine trend as well as offer patients and physicians a way to connect virtually or even by in-person house calls.
Cook Children's
Cook Children’s Goes Beyond Traditional Care
by | Feb 23, 2016
Medical school and medical training are based upon tradition. Things are beginning to change, but much of medical education used to be based on the premise of, “Because that’s how I learned to do it.”