McDonald’s Test Concept Near Fort Worth Rolls Out Takeout by Conveyor Belt

by | Dec 1, 2022
A new McDonald's test concept west of Fort Worth is McTrying something new. The location at 8540 West Freeway in White Settlement—the only one of its kind on earth—has no dining tables because, as you can see above the front door, it's for "Take Away" only. App-driven tech lets customers tap in their Big Mac desires in advance, so their food will be ready for them in the Order Ahead Lane.
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A New Hiring Platform for the Service Industry Launches in Dallas
by | Jan 25, 2021
The Seasoned app connects industry-only job seekers with opportunities and helps restaurant operators quickly make hires at a significantly lower cost than the traditional hiring process. Some of Dallas-Fort Worth's biggest operators like Starbucks, McDonald's, and Chipotle already approve.
Paul Quinn’s Plano Expansion Gets First Major Investment, $1M From Strada Education Network
by | Oct 24, 2018
Over the next two years, Strada's grant will go toward funding the new Plano campus — the first expansion site of the Paul Quinn Urban Work College Model.
Ben Lamm and Andrew Busey founded Conversable in 2016. [Photo: Conversable]
Texas AI Company Conversable Acquired by LivePerson
by | Oct 1, 2018
Conversable will join LivePerson in "taking conversational commerce to the 'Main Street' market," according to Conversable co-founder Ben Lamm. Conversation technology is a “transformative interface,” he says.
electric vehicles

Fort Worth Startup To Introduce Home Charger for EVs

by | Dec 19, 2017
Revitalize Charging Solutions is looking to go beyond public charging for electric vehicles with home charging units.