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DevelopHer: Checking in at the One-Year Anniversary

Posted by David Kirkpatrick

DevelopHer, an online career development platform for women, may have reached its one-year anniversary this month, but the story of its genesis dates back some five years. Born of founder Lauren Hasson’s desire to empower others, DevelopHer shows women in

What’s Entrepreneur Summit?
5 Reasons Why You Should Attend

Posted by Lauren Hasson

Early in my career, I learned the hard lesson that it isn’t enough to be good at your job. People have to know you and know that you are good at what you do and, of course, what you do.…

Gossamer Joins Tekzenit  & Why it’s Huge for Dallas

Posted by Lauren Hasson

It’s a cliche conversation in the Dallas startup community (perhaps doubly so with hardware-focused entrepreneurs) — per capita, Dallas sometimes lags in innovation. We’re Texans, we love blazing our own path, but often the safe plays are king.

There has …

Pongathons Are Mobilizing DFW Tech Companies For Social Good

Posted by Lauren Hasson

Pongathons (ping-pong social tournaments) have officially arrived in Dallas.

For those of us who are not in-the-know about European trends (i.e. me), pongathons have recently become a social craze in Europe and have grown to include music and art entertainment …

Launching a Startup Takes a Village

Posted by Lauren Hasson

Launching a startup in Dallas has never been easier than it is now. I should know—nine years ago, I founded my first company here in Dallas, and it was anything but easy. There were very few resources for startups, and …

Five Courses to Teach Anyone (Even You) How to Code

Posted by Lauren Hasson


Dallas has evolved into a tech hub that holds its own against the biggest tech cities in the country. We’ve earned our status as the “New Tech South” and an innovation …