Jaynie Schultz


The Last Word: Dallas Council Member Jaynie Schultz on Proposed Improvements for Dallas’ Central Library

by | Apr 16, 2024
The Dallas Public Library's J. Erik Jonsson Central Library in downtown Dallas—one of America's largest—was built in 1982 across from Dallas City Hall, and many agree it could use an overhaul. That especially includes library officials and consultants they brought in for a report on the building's future, among other needed investments in the city's library system.
TWU Installs Inaugural President of its Dallas Campus
by | Apr 12, 2024
Monica Christopher assumed leadership at TWU Dallas in February. The campus is known for its exceptional academic programs and groundbreaking research initiatives in nursing, allied health professions, and healthcare administration.
Dallas Sets Pace With First-of-Its-Kind American Job Center in International District
The 450-acre North Dallas district is home to a newly launched workforce center, aiming to provide both jobs and better futures for residents. Nicholas Lalpuis from the Department of Labor hails it as a significant 'innovation in the American job center arena.'
Dallas’ ‘Hidden Gem’ Could Become a Walkable Community After City Council Approved $390M Master Plan for Hensley Field
by | Dec 21, 2022
Since 1929, everything from WWII-era planes to F-4 Phantoms and F-14 Tomcats once buzzed Hensley Field in Southwest Dallas. Someday soon, fleets of bulldozers may be taking over—turning the site into a "walkable community" with 12,000 jobs and 6,800 residences. "This is one of the greatest projects that's going to happen in the future of the city," said City Council Member Jaynie Schultz.