Hunter Hunt

Hunt Energy Network’s New Venture Will Put 50 Batteries Across Texas, Giving ERCOT a Portfolio of Energy Generation

by | Apr 1, 2021
Dallas-based HEN Infrastructure, newly launched by Hunt Energy Network and Manulife Investment Management, will supply ERCOT with some 500MWs of distributed energy across the state. It's timely, given the recent winter freeze, but the deal has been in the works for years. That's because Hunt Energy Network CEO Pat Wood and his team see batteries as the wave of the future—"and the future is coming a little faster than we thought."
Hunt Energy Incubator-Created Company Sells for $75M
by | Jun 15, 2017
Motive Drilling Technologies developed ways to save money and drill more accurately, marking the first success for Hunt Consolidated's incubator.
SMU Students’ Device Measures Muscle Health
by | May 11, 2017
The small device uses electrical current pulsing through a patient's body to assess their muscle health.