Frisco Startup Homz Raises $50M in Funding for ‘Wellness-Centric’ Multifamily Housing

by | Mar 1, 2023
Homz, which says it's the first national housing company to develop "wellness-centric" multifamily communities, aims to develop 50 communities over the next five years. The uniformed concept will feature clubhouses, pools, athletic fields, playgrounds, urban farms, Miyawaki forests, and more.
Frisco Startup Homz Launches to Address Housing Shortage With Urban Communities Across the U.S.
by | Jul 28, 2022
Over the next five years, Homz wants to break ground on 50 communities across the country. The mixed-use projects would include build-to-rent single-family homes and four multifamily brands that are designed to meet the needs of renters at "each stage of their lives."

The company's leaders say they're focused on a triple bottom line approach to building sustainable, attainable housing communities.