Hill Perot

AllianceTexas at 35: How a Pioneering Vision Led to a $120 Billion Game Changer

by | Feb 8, 2024
When Ross Perot Jr. and Mike Berry were in their mid-20s, they set out to defy skeptics and fast-track a first-of-its-kind industrial airport in North Fort Worth. Today, AllianceTexas stands as a 27,000-acre global nexus fueled by that same trailblazing spirit—and public-private collaboration on a grand scale.
The Last Word: Hill Perot Rallies North Texas Leaders to Accelerate Innovation
by | Nov 16, 2023
NYSE President Lynn Martin was in Dallas last week meeting with business leaders of some of the 50-plus DFW companies listed on the NYSE, as well as others that may be looking to go public. She was definitely on business-friendly ground in both the city and the Lone Star State, since more than 200 of the nearly 2,400 companies listed on the NYSE are based in Texas.