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This Goes On Your Permanent Record: GreenLight Credentials Uses Blockchain for Students’ ‘Life Transcript’

by | Mar 29, 2021
GreenLight Credentials connects students, educators, and businesses by making records secure and shareable. The startup's tech expands beyond grades to certifications, job experiences, and verified skills.

UT Southwestern has taken notice of the North Texas company's tech and is partnering with GreenLight to launch software tools to identify depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses in primary care settings.
Future Ready: UNT at Frisco’s $100 Million Campus Will Prep Students for the Fourth Industrial Revolution
by | Oct 27, 2020
The new campus on donated land has its roots in an innovative "public-public" partnership between the City of Frisco, its Frisco Economic and Community Development Corporations, and the University of North Texas.
Dallas College Restructure Focuses on Collaborative Partnerships for the Future of Higher Ed
“Our students don’t really want to enroll in college, they want to enroll in a job," Dr. Joe May of Dallas College said. Here are takeaways from a discussion on the college's restructure and its renovation plans spurred by a billion-dollar bond fund.
Paul Quinn College Launches 36-Month Urban Scholars Degree Program for High-Achieving Students Who Want to Make a Difference
by | Jul 14, 2020
This fall, Dallas' Paul Quinn College will launch an accelerated Bachelor’s degree track that's designed to help students become "leaders and activists with a commitment to real change" in partnership with education innovator Minerva Project. The program, part of PQC's newly established Honors College, offers a double-major in Business and Public Policy that will focus on the economics and politics of societal transformation.
Lesa Roe UNT

NASA Engineer Lesa Roe Bringing Pioneering Spirit to UNT System

by | May 15, 2018
No matter what tomorrow’s jobs or classrooms look like, the first female chancellor of the University of North Texas System said there are three key skills she thinks students need to develop  — problem solving, creativity, and communications.
New SMU Business Dean Sees More Tech in Cox School’s Future
by | Sep 14, 2017
Myers said the school will need to adjust how it approaches education because the North Texas business needs increasingly are more technology-driven.
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Texas Leads in Making Youth Sports Safer from Concussions
by | Oct 29, 2016
Since 2010, we have gotten much better at recognizing, detecting, treating, and working to restore the brain after injury.