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Clockwise from left: Andrew Denton, Anisha Holla, Ralph Yongoueth, Ananya Sammidi, Asad Moulvi, Sahil Patel, and Rick Tett will pitch in UT Dallas' Big Idea Competition 2024 student and alumni track finals on April 17. [Photos via UT Dallas and the entrepreneurs; Graphics: DI Studio, istockphoto]

UT Dallas’ Big Idea Competition 2024 Expands Its Spotlight On Breakthrough Innovation—And Gives Judges a Larger Role

by | Apr 4, 2024
The University of Texas at Dallas' largest startup pitch event, now in its 17th year, isn't sitting on its laurels. Here's what's new this year, and who made the finals. With dual events, a fireside chat, and judge-powered prize allocations, it's set to unfold on April 5 and 17.
The Last Word: Anton Pil of JPMorgan Chase on the Impact of Drugs Like Ozempic on People’s Spending Patterns
by | Jan 19, 2024
“GLP-1 drugs, medications like Ozempic and other weight-loss drugs that are actually diabetes drugs, provide me with retail insights,” said Pil, according to a takeaway featured in D CEO. “We can look through Chase’s anonymized data by individual—we bank more than 95 million individuals in this country—and I can identify people who are on Ozempic based on their spending patterns."
Retail Real Estate: Test ideas in Dallas-Fort Worth
Retail Real Estate:
Want to Test a Concept? Come to Dallas-Fort Worth
by | Sep 20, 2017
As retail reinvents itself, industry experts evaluate the present, and look to the future