Dallas-Based Doable Launches as ‘First-Ever’ Creative Agency Founded, Staffed by Talent With Disabilities

Pioneering a new frontier in advertising, Doable's founders have forged a strategic partnership with global network Worldwide Partners and independently established a research institute. Their target: an underrepresented $480 billion consumer market.
3 DFW Universities will Vie for $100K in TCU’s Values and Ventures Competition
by | Apr 3, 2019
Teams from 56 universities from around the globe will pitch conscious capitalism ventures that make a profit while solving a problem.
KinTrans Sign Language Translation Tech: Stock image of a hand sign pose "I Love You."
KinTrans Movement Tech Turns Motion Into Voice, Text—and Translates Sign Language
by | Sep 4, 2018
The language translation technology could revolutionize the lives of deaf people. And KinTrans tech could be applied to extended reality, data viz, building security, home automation, gaming, and more.
Discovery: Blood Plasma and Alzheimer’s, NanOlogy’s Ovarian Cancer Trial & Studying Hurricane Debris
by | Oct 13, 2017
Researchers across North Texas are doing cutting-edge work in a variety of fields — from medicine to weather. Here are some examples.

3 Things We’re Reading: Big Data Finds its Beat in UTA Class

by | May 4, 2016
How rap and African-African literature correlate is the subject of a class at UTA.