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The Last Word: Southlake Police Innovate Community Relations with Emergency Uber Eats Delivery

by | Oct 25, 2023
An Uber Eats driver was involved in a car crash in Southlake recently, and the city's police and fire departments went to the scene. The driver turned out to be OK, but was unable to finish delivering an order of fresh-grilled hibachi from Hashi Japanese Kitchen. That's when Corporal Tejada and Officer Grace stepped up to finish the job for the gig worker—and in a sense, gig workers everywhere. 
LaborJack Expands to DFW With Manual Labor Gig Staffing App
by | Apr 4, 2023
The Colorado staffing startup says it aims to go "beyond muscle for hire" to be the future model for the gig economy workforce. After completing around 5,000 jobs across the gig economy in Colorado, it's starting its Texas expansion in DFW with a goal of providing up to 300 local jobs in the next year. Its "Laborjacks" will help with moves, landscaping, months-long gigs at small businesses, and more. See how much they'll make and find out more.
Dallas-Based Logile Launches Gig-Style Scheduling Solution for Retail Workers
by | Apr 13, 2022
Logile says its new Gig-Style Scheduling solution enables retailers to utilize their workforce more fully in two key ways—with "gig-status associates" on their company staffs, supplemented by labor from outside "crowdsourcing" to cover additional staffing needs. "We see a real opportunity for retailers to change the game,”  Logile founder and CEO Purna Mishra says.