DeSoto-Based Geekletes Rebrands as Full-Service Education Hub For the Competitive Gaming Community

by | Nov 23, 2020
Now known as Esposure, the company provides a learn-and-earn model for gamers at any level. The STEM courses also focus on the business behind esports: production, marketing, management, and more.
Deep Space Ventures Closes Two $500K Investments
by | Jul 18, 2017
The investments in Self Lender and Haste continue a busy year and a half of activity for the Dallas-based venture capital firm.
How id Software Pushes the Envelope with id Tech 6
by | Aug 9, 2016
A symbiotic relationship between art and design and programming, and making tech, made the game Doom stand out.
QuakeCon Shows Off New Quake, More Doom, Other Surprises
by | Aug 8, 2016
There were plenty of things at Quakecon for gamers to get excited about, including demos of upcoming games and previews of upcoming releases.