Aurora Opens Driverless Truck Terminal in Houston to Bookend Its I-45 South Dallas Terminal

by | Nov 1, 2023
Aurora Innovation—which aims to begin rolling totally human-free trucks between Dallas and Houston by late 2024—said nearly half of all truck freight in Texas moves along I-45 between Dallas and Houston, making the corridor an ideal route for Aurora’s commercial launch.
Transplace Lanehub
Dallas Transportation and Logistics Firm Relocates Headquarters to Support Growth Plan
by | Jun 13, 2019
Since 2018, Dallas-based MODE Transportation was acquired, rebranded, and exceeded $1B in sales. Now, MODE is moving operations to Signature Exchange to accommodate its rapid growth and array of technology solutions.
Daseke driver feature
Daseke Betting on Technology Ready for the Long Haul
by | May 29, 2018
The Addison-based trucking empire has outfitted its trucks with the latest technology, some of which goes beyond what you find in today’s higher-end consumer vehicles.