Commercial Operations Begin at Panda Biotech’s Massive Wichita Falls Hemp Gin

The Panda Hemp Gin is Dallas-based Panda Biotech's landmark industrial hemp processing facility in Wichita Falls—a 500,000-square-foot building with three miles of overhead pneumatic duct lines and a 600-yard-long processing line. The gin is the first of its kind and the largest industrial hemp facility in the Western Hemisphere.
Celanese, Under Armour Develop ‘Sustainable’ Spandex Alternative for Performance Fabrics
by | Jan 22, 2024
NEOLAST offers "powerful stretch, durability, comfort, and improved wicking," with the added sustainable benefit of recyclability, Irving-based Celanese said. Produced using a proprietary solvent-free process, the new fiber holds the promise of forging "a path toward circularity."