Cosm Inks Deal with ESPN for ‘Shared Reality’ Sports Broadcasts at Grandscape Venue

by | Mar 27, 2024
Cosm is opening one of its first two "shared reality" venues at Grandscape in The Colony later this year. The multi-year ESPN deal will fill Cosm's 87-foot LED dome with live, "front row" events—from the NBA to the NHL to college football, UFC fights, and more.
Dallas Cowboys Legend Turned Entrepreneur Darren Woodson Has Four Cs He Lives By
by | Sep 2, 2020
Darren Woodson is a former Dallas Cowboys safety and today a successful entrepreneur. Though his two careers have looked different, here are his words of wisdom that have gotten him through every major moment, from sitting in the locker room at the Super Bowl to founding his own company.
Texas Rangers Co-owner Helps OpTic Esports Team Expand
by | Sep 18, 2017
According to ESPN, Neil Leibman led a group of investors, which helped OpTic secure a $20 million Overwatch League spot in Houston.