Lime Launches an E-Scooter Fleet in Plano

by | Oct 2, 2023
Four months after its e-scooters reappeared on Dallas streets, Lime's rental electric scooters have migrated north to Plano, where up to 250 will be appearing "in an organized manner over time."
Dallas’ GOTRAX Launches E-Scooters that Can Hit 36 MPH
by | Aug 10, 2023
GOTRAX announced today that it's launched its latest scooters, the GX1 and GX2. The first can reach speeds up to 32 MPH, while the GX2 tops out at a wind-whipping 36 MPH. But if you want one, better get zippy—the scooters are "almost sold out already" due to pre-orders, GOTRAX said.
Rental E-Scooters, E-Bikes Return to Dallas as Part of City’s New Micromobility Program
by | May 23, 2023
Like a flock returning to a favorite haunt, electric rental scooters and e-bikes from Bird, Lime, and Superpedestrian will begin appearing on Dallas streets Wednesday. The move comes three years after they were banned from the city due to safety and clutter concerns. The focus now is on providing a more sustainable, safe, orderly, and equitable experience. See what's different this time—and how riders could get slapped with fines up to $200 for breaking the rules.
Linear Labs motors
Linear Labs Launches a New Electric Motor Aimed at Micromobility
by | Sep 9, 2019
The newest version of Linear Labs' patented Hunstable Electric Turbine (HET) motor is intended to compete with the industry's top e-scooters. See how the micromobility motor stacks up.