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Dallas Morning News Adds Public Editor ‘To Reinforce Reader Trust’

by | May 3, 2024
Duke University professor Stephen Buckley, who has an extensive background as an editor and reporter, will begin his role with an introductory column appearing in The Dallas Morning News and online on Sunday, May 12.
UNTHSC Prof: With Opioid Research Done, It’s Time to ‘Talk About the Results’
by | Dec 27, 2022
"We don’t have years to wait—it’s important that the data and recommendations are delivered as quickly as possible, in ways people can understand and apply," says Dr. Scott Walters, who served as steering committee chair of the 67-community HEALing Communities Study.

A center at the University of North Texas Health Science Center will share findings to communities most affected by the worsening opioid crisis. “We already know quite a bit about best practices,” Walters notes.