A singer entertains in one of MyndVR's virtual reality experiences. [Courtesy MyndVR]

PTSD, Depression: MyndVR Tech Puts Aging Veterans In a Peaceful Place

by | Jul 31, 2018
The relationship with Long Island State Veterans Home is the first partnership with a veterans home for MyndVR, which already was serving senior communities.
Stomping Ground is Dallas’ First Nonprofit Theater on a Mission to ‘Enrich the Community with Comedy’
by | Jul 10, 2018
The theater, with a new location in the Design District, is a stage and training center for the city’s comedians, but it’s also harnessing the power of laughter for therapeutic benefits.
Elderly man phone
Plano Phone Service Provider for Seniors With Cognitive Issues on a Growth Spurt
by | Mar 26, 2018
TeleCalm has averaged more than 20 percent month-over-month subscriber growth since last October.
3 Things We’re Reading: Big Data Finds its Beat in UTA Class
by | May 4, 2016
How rap and African-African literature correlate is the subject of a class at UTA.