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WomenXTech Summit: The DEC Network Aims to Unleash the Power of Women in Tech on Feb. 8

by | Feb 1, 2023

The DEC Network wants to help women take their tech game to the next level in a male-dominated industry. The 2023 WomenXTech Summit, a one-day, in-person summit for women, will be held Feb. 8 at Smart Business Concepts’ headquarters in Dallas.

The event is designed to bring women tech entrepreneurs together to spread their ideas on how to succeed and support each other in the technology industry, the DEC Network said....

Dallas’ Esposure Teams Up with Cryptomining Startup Salad to Help Gamers Earn Rewards By Computesharing
by | Sep 29, 2021
If you think that headline is a lot to chew on, you've got the right idea. Esposure wants to help Salad nibble on computing time from gamers everywhere, by training users how to turn their idle PCs into cryptomining computers through distributed computing. Redeemable rewards are the dessert.
Learn-and-Earn: Here’s How Esposure’s CEO is Championing Future Careers in Esports
by | Apr 7, 2021
Through its "learn-and-earn" model, Esposure is helping gamers, students, and entrepreneurs learn about the business of esports. Now, Co-founder and CEO Danny Martin is spreading his expertise through a new virtual Esports Business Management course at SMU.
DeSoto-Based Geekletes Rebrands as Full-Service Education Hub For the Competitive Gaming Community
by | Nov 23, 2020
Now known as Esposure, the company provides a learn-and-earn model for gamers at any level. The STEM courses also focus on the business behind esports: production, marketing, management, and more.