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Dallas’ Imaginuity Launches an AI-Created ‘Virtual Shopping Bestie’ Named Cindy

by | Apr 16, 2024
Now appearing on the websites of 13 JLL-managed shopping centers across the U.S., "Cindy" may seem like just another influencer peddling perfume and athleisure. But she's really a "complex mix of generative AI tools driven by a proprietary recipe of procedures, prompts, and modeling."
The Last Word: AT&T’s David Williams on the Rapid Rise of AI
by | Sep 12, 2023
Williams was just one of the experts on hand at the Dallas Regional Chamber's late August Q3 Executive Circle event. Presented by McKesson at AT&T’s Dallas headquarters, the panel focused on the impact of AI on how companies do business and shared practical insights into how companies can navigate and utilize AI.