Claudia Mirza

The Last Word: Akorbi’s Claudia Mirza on the Impact of AI on Artistic Expression

by | Jul 19, 2023
Since co-founding it in 2002, Mirza has led Akorbi, a provider of translation, interpretation, staffing, call centers, learning services, and localization. Writing in LinkedIn, she discusses a different kind of translation: asking generative AI tool Bing to create an image of a woman fighting robots. Bing refused, saying it couldn't display violence.
The Last Word: Akorbi’s Claudia Mirza on How To Lead with Empathy and Wisdom
by | Jun 21, 2023
As Mirza built Akorbi into one of the fastest-growing woman-owned business in the world, she learned a lot about leadership. She shared some of those lessons in a recent LInkedIn post titled "Leading with Empathy and Wisdom: A Leader's Dilemma."