Chris Urmson

Aurora Hits Key Milestone on Its Path To Rolling Driverless Trucks Between Dallas and Houston This Year

by | Jan 8, 2024
In partnership with Continental—which is based in Germany with a U.S. HQ in Auburn Hills, Michigan—Aurora says the two companies have finalized the design and architecture of the future fallback system and hardware of the Aurora Driver. Aurora aims to begin rolling totally human-free trucks on I-45 between Dallas and Houston in late 2024.
Human-Free Trucking From Dallas Next Year? Aurora Says Its Tech Is Now ‘Feature Complete’
by | Apr 3, 2023
With the latest beta release of its Aurora Driver autonomous driving system, Aurora Innovation says it's reached a "feature complete" milestone. This could put the company one step closer to its goal of totally human-free freight runs between Dallas and Houston by late 2024.
Aurora Unveils Ride-Hailing Test Fleet, Gives Toyota Execs an Autonomous Ride Toward DFW Airport
by | Mar 23, 2022
Aurora capped off a six-month pilot test of its autonomous Toyota S-AM minivans in Dallas-Fort Worth by giving Toyota North America CEO Ted Ogawa and other execs a ride toward DFW Airport yesterday.

Aurora will continue to test and develop its ride-hailing and autonomous trucking tech from Dallas, including a new trucking route from Dallas to El Paso. It expects to launch its ride-hailing product, Aurora Connect, in late 2024.