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Irving-Based ExxonMobil Takes Step Toward World’s Largest Low-Carbon Hydrogen Facility

by | Jan 30, 2023
The company has awarded a contract for front-end engineering and design for the project. Its Baytown low-carbon hydrogen, ammonia, and carbon capture facility is expected to produce 1 billion cubic feet of low-carbon hydrogen per day, making it the largest low-carbon hydrogen project in the world at planned startup in 2027-2028.
Hypergiant’s Algae-Based Carbon Capture Solution Could Be ‘400 Times More Effective Than Trees’
by | Sep 17, 2019
The device, called the Eos Bioreactor, is one of the company’s initial efforts focused on fixing the planet’s environment problems. It captures and stores carbon from the atmosphere.
ExxonMobil carbon capture
ExxonMobil Partners on Tech for Carbon Dioxide Capture, Storage
by | Jul 1, 2019
The breakthrough technology can capture and concentrate carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere and industrial sources—including power plants.
Discovery: Global Warming Link, Enlarged Aortas in Ex-NFL Players & Texas “Wild Places”
by | Nov 17, 2017
Researchers all across North Texas are making breakthroughs and discoveries every day. Here are some of their stories.