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From Startups to Skill Sets: Blackstone LaunchPad Broadens Mission to Equip Grads for Any Career

by | Oct 18, 2023
Blackstone LaunchPad has expanded its mission beyond entrepreneurship. With a mix of next-gen career readiness, LaunchPad is set to equip students with adaptable skills for any professional path. We talk with Blackstone Charitable Foundation Executive Director Maura Pally during a Dallas visit about the program's new pilot internships and more.
Blackstone Charitable Foundation Gives $5M to University of Texas Institutions to Expand Its Entrepreneurship Program
by | Jan 26, 2021
The Blackstone LaunchPad entrepreneurship program, which has been at UT Dallas since 2016, is opening to a more diverse range of students by expanding to six new campuses. Locally, that includes UT Southwestern.
Blackstone Charitable grant
Blackstone Awards UTD $1M Entrepreneurship Grant
by | Jun 6, 2016
The grant will help UT Dallas, two other Texas universities expand entrepreneurial career opportunities.