Bird Rides

Bird is Set to Go Public With Dallas SPAC Merger

by | Nov 1, 2021
The business combination is expected to close on Nov. 4 following a final vote. When that happens, Bird has prepared a planned board of directors—featuring a big-name group of industry leaders—to support its next chapter as a public company.
E-Scooter Pioneer Bird to Go Public via Merger With Dallas SPAC
by | May 12, 2021
Bird Rides, which operates a fleet of shared electric scooters, has entered a business combination agreement with Switchback II Corporation, a local special purpose acquisition company that focuses on the energy transition sector. The news comes on the heels of scooters potentially returning to the streets of Dallas after being banned last fall.
Lyft Launches its Scooters in Dallas, Debuts $5-a-Month Community Pass Program
by | Mar 28, 2019
Lyft had a busy week—first launching their scooters in Dallas, then a debuting a much-anticipated IPO on Wall Street that raised $2.34 billion Friday.