Dallas’ Precision Livestock Technologies Launches AI Solution That Makes Cattle Feed Recommendations

by | Jan 23, 2024
PLT said it developed its AI-based algorithms through machine learning techniques, based on "over 150,000 discrete pen days." According to the company, the newly launched system replicates the decisions of "highly observant, expert cattle feeding professionals."
Busting the Brain’s Firewall: How Lantern Pharma’s Algorithms Can Predict a Drug’s Ability to Reach the Brain
by | May 2, 2023
The "blood-brain barrier" acts like a highly selective firewall, preventing an estimated 98% of drugs from entering the brain—making it a major hurdle in the development of brain and central nervous system drugs. Lantern Pharma has recently developed what it calls "highly accurate AI algorithms" to predict the ability of a drug or compound to pass through the barrier.
Discovery: UTD Team Studies How Brains Learn Faces, UTSW Examines Regulations’ Effect on Clinical Trials
by | Dec 13, 2019
In this weekly roundup of research and development activity in North Texas, you’ll also find out about how scientists at the University of North Texas Health Science Center are studying the benefits of older women with hypertension taking warm leg baths.