MediBookr Founder Says the Future of Healthcare Has a UX Built for Customer Loyalty

"Traditionally, customer lifetime value hasn’t existed in healthcare," says Sunny Nadolsky.

She's out to change that with her startup's user-friendly platform that streamlines communication between patients and healthcare providers.

Sunny Nadolsky, founder and CEO of Medibookr. [Photo: Medibookr]

Sunny Nadolsky sees a healthcare experience of the future that rivals the efforts taken in the retail sector. The CEO of Dallas-based digital platform MediBookr, which streamlines communication between patients and healthcare providers, is raising the bar for user experience and customer satisfaction. 

“Traditionally, the concept of customer lifetime value hasn’t existed in healthcare,” says Nadolsky, who founded the startup in 2015. Healthcare plans and healthcare services have overlooked improving the end user’s experience, losing opportunities to earn customer loyalty: “We aim to change that,” the CEO says.

By focusing on that UX, the ultimate end result can be lower operating costs and increased revenue.

“There’s a value to improving the end user’s (patient, member, employee) experience,” according to the founder.

Pandemic spurs fast rollout of features

Nadolsky says the pandemic prompted a faster rollout of several features.

“Our clients were desperate for digital engagement solutions when COVID took its toll last March,” she says. The startup quickly customized solutions for its clients to engage using SMS, secure messaging, video conferencing, and mobile.

Medibookr also got an investment boost with an announced bridge round in October from an unnamed institutional investor for an undisclosed amount. Nadolsky says the funding “will help accelerate our growth on multiple fronts, including expansion of our patient engagement platform.”

So far, the startup has raised a total of $3.3 million in seed-round funding.

Nadolsky began its startup journey as a 2016 participant in Health Wildcatters’ accelerator program and rolled out its platform in 2018. The startup gained early traction in 2019 and grew quickly in 2020, Nadolsky says.

The startup projected $45 million in revenue in year five, according to a Venture Dallas pitch by Nadolsky last fall.

What’s next?

MediBookr plans to connect health providers with employers to educate them on improving patient care choices in 2021.

“Providers are too disconnected to the health plan that the patient is relying on as the foundation for their care choices., Nadolsky says. “We’re tackling that in some interesting and creative ways that we think will resonate and make a difference.”

Sandra Engelland contributed to this story. A version of this story was originally published in Dallas Innovates 2021: The Resilience Issue.

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