HGTV Drops Two Couples Into Dallas, Asks Them to Flip Homes ‘to a Million’

On "Flip to a Million"—premiering Monday at 8 central on HGTV and streaming on Discovery+—Long Island's Jon and Dani Wrobel and Chicago's Jason and EJ Williams move their families to Dallas with a daunting task. With an initial budget of just $1,000, they must race to flip as fast as they can. The first couple to sell a house for $1 million wins.

They'll face competition outside the show, too. In Q1, investors set a record by flipping 2,675 homes and condos in DFW—more than double the pace from Q1 2021.

Start small in Dallas—then go big. That’s the challenge HGTV is setting for two house-flipping couples on Monday’s series premiere episode of “Flip to a Million,” airing at 8 central on HGTV and streaming on Discovery+.

These aren’t Dallas flippers, and that’s part of the challenge. HGTV is dropping both couples—Long Island’s Jon and Dani Wrobel and Chicago’s Jason and EJ Williams—from the markets they know into one they totally don’t.

Both couples are “proven and successful” at house flipping in their home digs, HGTV says. But they have to hit the ground running on unknown turf after they land in Big D.

Starting with initial budget of $1,000 each

Jason and EJ Williams of HGTV’s ‘Flip to a Million.’ [Photo: Jasmine Answer/HGTV]

Narrated by HGTV star Alison Victoria, the new show sets the ground rules at the top: Each couple gets an initial budget of only $1,000. With a that paltry sum, they’ll have to dive into Dallas real estate and race to buy, renovate, and sell properties as they build toward a big goal: being the first couple to successfully sell a house for $1 million.

“To make that happen, the duos will take real risks and go to great lengths to ‘flip to a million,'” HGTV says. 

‘An edge-of-your-seat experiment’

In Monday’s premiere, the Wrobels and Williamses pack and move their families to Dallas, then try to make contacts and master the market pronto. After some setbacks familiar to house flippers everywhere, they each make progress: the Wrobels by snagging a big bathroom renovation project to help fund their first property buy, and the Williamses by getting a finder’s fee on a house sale that helps them scoop up their first flip target.

The limited series will feature six one-hour episodes. HGTV calls it “a novel, edge-of-your-seat experiment in house-flipping that’s engaging, inspiring, and distinct from anything the network has done before”—one that “digs into the concept of how meager beginnings and limited resources might, with the proper strategy and skill set (and perhaps a bit of luck), evolve into a high-dollar real-estate deal.”

Record number of houses were flipped in DFW in Q1 2022

The couples hit the ground with lots of competition, because house flipping in Dallas-Fort Worth has been setting records lately.

Real estate investors flipped 2,675 single-family homes and condos in Dallas-Fort Worth during the first quarter of 2022, according to an Attom Data Solutions report cited by the Dallas Morning News. That set a record—more than doubling DFW’s flips in Q1 2021. The average DFW flipped home in Q1 2022 was bought for $297,830 and sold for $342,500, for an average gross profit of $44,670.  

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