Fox to Shoot Marvel Comic-
Related Pilot in Dallas

The crew is scheduled to film somewhere in Dallas on March 20, according to several websites.


A crew from the Fox television network will be in Dallas this month to shoot an yet-untitled pilot that is based on a Marvel Comics property, the Dallas Observer reported.

The publication cited the TV and film production website MyEntertainmentWorld in saying that the filming would be somewhere in Dallas on March 20.

The production website and the page for the show on the Internet Movie Database said the project is an X-Men show. The X-Men franchise is about a group of gifted mutants who battle on the side of humanity and world piece, the Observer said.

A spokesman for Fox told the Observer that the project is not X-Men related.

“The project is not an X-Men project and shouldn’t be referred to as such,” Chris Alexander, Fox’s executive vice president of corporate communications and publicity, told the Observer in an email. “We hope to have an official title soon.”

Alexander told the Observer that if the network picks up the series based on the pilot, production could return to Dallas to shoot more episodes.

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