Dynamic Sports Medicine’s Treatment Technology: ‘No One Else in Dallas Has It’

The Dallas couple behind the luxury sports medicine studio didn't develop the technology, but they're saying they're responsible for bringing it to Dallas. Their concept is built on the idea that such innovative, elite recovery treatments allow anyone to both train and recover like professional athletes.

If you’ve ever wondered how your favorite Cowboy or Maverick gets ready for a big game, chances are, you’ll never get to experience it. Oftentimes, the technology is so advanced, it’s only accessible to professional athletes. But, thanks to Dallas’s new luxury sports medicine studio, now you can. Because Dynamic Sports Medicine said it’s the only place in the region that’s  equipped with the tools to help you train and recover like one of the greats.

With locations in Dallas and Austin, Dynamic Sports Medicine aims to lead Texas sports chiropractic care, medicine technology, and rehabilitation. Co-founded by Plano power couple Dr. Brian Mann and Dr. Jinna Mann, who both regularly treat patients, the studio offers everyone from athletes to business executives the chance to create a personalized recovery plan.

Dr. Brian Mann describes the business model as a custom-tailored, case-by-case basis.

“A lot of people want to go places because professional athletes go there,” he told Dallas Innovates. “But our model is more like, ‘Who cares?’ You’re going to get treated like that professional athlete gets treated no matter what.”

The couple met while studying at Parker University, and decided to start a business together amidst marrying and having two kids. Their good friend from Parker University runs the Austin-based Dynamic Sports Medicine.

[Photo: Courtesy Dynamic Sports Medicine]

“We wanted to create something that bridges the gap between medical emergency care and your crazy, cuckoo care, in a sense,” Dr. Jinna Mann says. Most people tend to shy away from chiropractic, she explains, so they wanted their joint to be more welcoming.

“When we designed the space, we wanted to offer things that were easily digestible, for people who had never experienced this kind of back pain, for example,” she says. “We have so many different things here that if I don’t adjust your neck, there’s still a ton I can do that will help you.”

The concept is built on the idea that nobody else locally is offering such innovative, elite recovery treatments—so while the duo didn’t develop the technology, they are responsible for bringing it to Dallas.

“With our wide variety of treatments and rare access to some of the newest recovery tools, Dynamic Sports Medicine completely changes the recovery game for Dallasites, allowing them to both train and recover like professional athletes,” Dr. Brian Mann says. “From some of Dallas’ top fitness instructors to Fortune 500 executives who spend 90 percent of the year on the road, our trainers are able to customize plans that treat the full range of physical ailments.”

While chiropractic care lays the foundation for the business, a plethora of customizable treatment options are available: recovery boots, compression therapy, cupping, CBD-infused massages, sports acupuncture, and taping. Clients could visit the studio, located near the Galleria, for an injury, regular maintenance, or performance care.

Bringing recovery technology to Dallas

The treatment plans are based on discovery, recovery, and performance phases, and the cutting-edge tech is incorporated into that.

“I travel with USA swimming, so I’m able to see what those guys and girls get,” Dr. Brian Mann says. “A lot of people don’t get to see how they’re treated or what they’re doing for their recovery process. So we just thought, ‘Why don’t we bring this to everybody?'”

For example, myofascial acoustic compression therapy (MyACT) is like a deep tissue massage, but without any hands ever touching your body. Used to treat a broad range of health and pain conditions, MyACT generates sound waves to deliver a therapeutic pressure pulse to areas that are typically difficult to reach.

The couple’s hopped on the emerging CBD trend, and offers Cannabidiol-infused massages to help relax a patient’s body.

There’s also pulsed energy technology (PEMF), where energy is discharged into loop applicators to create a strong, but brief, electromagnetic field. That energy is induced into the user—it’s like “recharging the batteries inside of you”—to give the body’s cells the extra push needed to perform.

“You may see the PEMF at clinics here and there, but mostly it’s pretty rare for people to have it,” Dr. Brian Mann says. He and his wife are highly specific with their treatment plans to where he might even text a neurosurgeon or make a house call to ensure the best care possible.

Although Dynamic Sports Medicine is still fairly new, the doctors already have big plans to expand, both in North Texas and beyond. Dr. Brian Mann says he’s treated some big names—he’s worked with the PGA Tour and USA swim team, visited big-name corporations, and even had a patient get drafted. But all the success goes back to the same differentiating factors.

“No one else in Dallas has [myofascial acoustic compression therapy]. I think the Rockets have it and the Rangers,” Dr. Brian Mann says. “So that’s what we mean when we say people may not ever see what these professional athletes get. A guy living down the road may not even know this exists. We’re very selective in what we do.”

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