Disney Buying Twitter? It’s Not Snapchat Anymore

There’s a lot of news on the social media front about Twitter and Snapchat.

Disney already owns the ESPN and ABC television networks, and now, it reportedly is considering buying the social media company Twitter.

We’re going to need more than 140 characters to explain this one, but TechCrunch said that Disney has contacted banks about how to finance the acquisition. The price tag may be as much as $30 billion, TechCrunch said.

Snapchat has a couple items on its news page that will make you want to take a second look.

First, Snapchat introduced a new type of camera that it calls Spectacles, sunglasses that contain an integrated video camera. Snapchat said it’s one of the smallest wireless cameras in the world, and it’s capable of taking a full day’s worth of Snaps on a single charge. The Snaps go straight to your Memories.

Oh, and don’t call it Snapchat anymore. The company announced that now it will go by Snap Inc., which it says better encompasses the scope of the company’s products.

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