Dallas Resident Fashions 3D Models of City Skylines

GALLERY | Brandon Warman, the 25-year-old co-owner of Handground coffee grinders, says each 2.25-inch-tall piece of the Dallas and Fort Worth skylines takes about 10 hours to print on his 3D printer.


The Dallas skyline is among the most iconic in the world with the neon colors of Bank of America Tower, the ball atop Reunion Tower, the hole in the Chase Tower, and the crystalline-shaped Fountain Plaza.


Brandon Warman

Brandon Warman decided to use a 3D printer to capture Big D’s horizon in environmentally-friendly plastic, D Magazine reports. It’s got 76 different buildings all to scale with the BOA Tower as the tallest structure.

The work of art started out as a fun endeavor, but after posting a photo on the Dallas Reddit, requests for people wanting their own replicas piled high. 

“It got so much attention that I had to create an Etsy listing to make it easier to handle the incoming requests,” Warman told the magazine.

It took the 25-year-old SMU grad about 50 hours to make the skyline design on his computer. Each 2.25-inch-tall piece takes about 10 hours to print on his 3D printer. 

Cast a vote for your favorite city. The next city Warman takes on will be decided via a survey on his website


Warman has also made a replica of the downtown Fort Worth skyline. The next city he takes on will be decided via a survey on his website

The models are available on Etsy and the gift shop at the Dallas Museum of Art. Costs range from $33 to $35.


By day, the multiple hat-wearing Warman is co-owner of Handground coffee grinders. Called “the world’s first crowdsourced coffee grinder,” Warman, Daniel Vitielo and Brandon Warman enlisted the input of some 1,000 coffee professionals and enthusiasts worldwide during the design process, according to coffeecompass.com, The company’s 2015 Kickstarter campaign was a success: 4,034 backers pledged $308,924 to help bring the project to life — nearly 900 percent of its original $35,000 target, said Warman in an interview with crowdexpert.com.



Brandon Warman’s 3D-printed Fort Worth skyline. [Photo: Courtesy of Brandon Warman]

Overhead view of Brandon Warman’s Dallas skyline replica. [ Photo: Courtesy of Brandon Warman ]

Dallas skyline replica. [ Photo: Courtesy of Brandon Warman ]




Updated Feb. 11, 2017.

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